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  • Combat Mission 2: Barbarosa to Berlin

    by Strategy First

    Barbarossa to Berlin raises the wargaming bar even higher with its pitch-perfect, ultra-polished improvements to an already great game.

  • Alien Shooter

    by Sigma team

    Your mission is simple: clear the base at all costs.

    ..storehouses and mysterious laboratories. Your mission in Alien Shooter is simple: ..

  • AstroAvenger

    by Divo Games

    An insane space shooter with twisted missions and cool weapons!

    ..insane space shooter with twisted missions and cool weapons! AstroAvenger allows ..

  • Blaster Master 2

    Freeware game by Sunsoft

    Your mission is to fight your way and destroy the Plutonium Boss before he destroys you.

  • Desert Strike

    Freeware game by EA/Mike Posehn

    You pilot a helicopter in a series of missions in a desert environment, viewing the action from a three-quarter overhead perspective. a wide variety of missions including destroying targets, rescuing prisoners, ..

    ..your progress after completing each mission. The difficulty ramps very gradually. ..

  • Arrow Flash

    Freeware game by Telenet Japan Ltd.

    You control a female spaceship pilot who is sent on a mission into deep space to save the Earth from an assault by an evil dragon from another galaxy.

    ..who is sent on a mission into deep space to save ..

  • Caliber Fifty

    Freeware game by Mentrix Software

    It's twenty years after the end of the Vietnam War. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to venture forth once again on the Ho Chi Minh trail and try to rescue some of the downed American airmen left behind.

    ..difficult. Pick one and begin your mission; Captain "Windbreak" Addis is ..

  • Crossfire

    Freeware game by Kyugo Trading Co.

    Arcade game based on the CBS television series starring Jan Michael-Vincent and Ernest Borgnine as a pair of mercenaries who flew a high-tech military helicopter on various and sundry missions.

    ..selecting one of three different missions to tackle there are 6 ..

    ..extra lives for your soldier. Each mission will award you a ..

    Editor-in-chief says: I remember Crossfire being one of the role-playing game I've ever heard of, although it was kind of confusing because of the developers and joint ventures conflicts. Today the game is an open source RPG. If you didn't play it, then Crossfire will take you into a medieval fantasy world where you will be able to pick one of the many races and improve the skills of the ones you have chosen. Scorn and Navar are the two available cities you will have to pick from, but there is plenty of room to explore, thanks to the thousands of maps available.
  • Rolling Thunder 3

    Freeware game by Namco Ltd.

    Take your pick of either secret agent Albatross or his sexy sidekick Leila and fight your way through countless foes, solving the occasional puzzle along the way.

    ..weapons. At the beginning of each mission, you can pick a ..

    ..they cannot be reused in later missions. You can still hide ..

    Editor-in-chief says: This game doesn't need any presentation. The arcade version of Rolling Thunder 3 was quite popular and was even distributed outside Japan thanks to Atari. You take control of Albatross, a spion whose mission is to save a missing female agent, part of a secret society from New York. There are two different stories in the game, each one having five stages. Though the player starts with a default gun, more advanced weapons and ammo can be found throughout the game. The character just has to enter the doors marked with "bullets" or "arms".
  • Reactors

    by Idigicon

    Your mission is to decommission 25 old space stations by destroying its reactor cores. Puzzle madness! a Puzzle/Cards game. Your mission is to decommission 25 old ..

    ..reactor cores. Puzzle madness! Your mission is to decommission 25 old ..

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