“This edition offers improved 3-D shooting action in a photo-realistic and accurate environment.”

Beach Head 2002

by Digital Fusion

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Beach Head 2002 is a Action game.

This edition offers improved 3-D shooting action in a photo-realistic and accurate environment.

Addictive arcade action returns to your computer. Single-handedly you repel the onslaught and pummel your attackers through the night. Then, as daybreaks, carry the battle inland to defend your command post against an all out air and ground assault. The enemy is on to your defensive tactics. It will take more than incidents of great valor to reach the next level in. Beach Head 2002.

Beach head 2002 follows on the success of Beach head 2000. It's easy-to-use and provides hours of hardcore, non-stop 3-D shooting action in a photo-realistic and accurate environment. Players are assigned to an inland defense perimeter, protecting a command post to repel an expected airborne assault. This edition has more depth and game play variations, smarter troops, more weapons from which to choose, continuous day and night fighting with search lights and night flares, and much more.

Beach Head 2002 is a 360 degree shooter in a photorealistic 3D environment. You are a lone gunner in a machine gun nest somewhere in the middle of a war. Your task is to keep your area clean – which means, that you need to shoot down everything that moves. And there is much movement – Marine Infantry transporters will drive up and unload a fresh batch of cannonfodder, helicopters will circle above and shoot you with their guns, tanks creep up bombarding you with shells...

To kill them all, you have quite an arsenal of deadly weapons: first of all, your trusty machine gun. You can rotate 360 degrees and crush your opponents into pieces with this huge weapon. You don't have unlimited ammo but usually it should be enough for killing all human life on the area. If this fails (when dealing with helicopters or tanks, for example), you can unleash some more power with your – limited amount – of rockets. They explode a tank or helicopter in one shot but you need to target really well – most of the usual rocket targets are moving. And if you are out of ammo for the machine gun and there is some marine soldier annoying you, pull out your pistol and finish him off!

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Beach Head 2002 features:

  • Captivating ground battle turns your computer into an sandbagged bunker.
  • Explosive 3D virtual warfare with M-60s' six-barrel Vulcan MGs, heat seeking missiles and more.
  • Progressively difficult missions with sophisticated enemy intelligence.
  • Dramatic nighttime battles featuring paratroopers, helicopters and tanks.
  • Conquer the game controls in minutes, play the game all night.

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Beach Head 2002 system requirements:SystemPentium 350 MHz or higher , 64 MB RAM, 90 MB free hard disk space DirectX16 MB DirectX-compatible video card.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP.

Game modes: Beach Head 2002 supports single modeSingle game mode .

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Beach Head 2002 news:

2005-11-27 Beach Head 2002 is a Beach Head 2000 sequel.

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