“Chroma Crash is a three-match puzzle like Collapse.”

Chroma Crash!

by AxySoft

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Chroma Crash is a three-match puzzle like Collapse.

Fans of a puzzle, probably, will remember Collapse, classical game with three conformity. It's purpose will be to press groups of three or more identical blocks, to clear them from a field. Chroma Crash! takes this concept to the whole new level, spicing gameplay with a plenty powerups, premiums and improbable the graphics, put in visually pleasant three-dimensional mode. Besides in game you are not alone. There is an amusing symbol – Flight of the Frog!

Yor control Flying Frog which should go through attacks of color blocks. As you come nearer to them, these infringers of calmness start to jump up in air, trying to frog down and after several pressing which they can follow actually! Therefore the purpose of the player will be to aim the cursor in any less than three blocks of the same color and to blast them before the frog comes to a front line of blocks. Players move ahead to the following level as soon as the frog achieves a gate up the road.

End of a level – a challenge, is more so at higher stages. Simply blasting blocks will not help, if there are no parts of the same color. In such situations tactics of a survival should collect powerups, super boosts and secret levels to prevent the failure. You can choose from 10 cool items, in limits from color bombs which will blow up all color blocks in game area on pomegranates and will start complete sets which will burn out lines of blocks!

Chroma Crash also know as Chroma-Ways!

Chroma Crash! features:

  • Amazing 3D graphics and sounds
  • Unique bonus items
  • Hidden levels and secret bonuses
  • Non-violent and suitable for all ages
  • 45 levels in the TRAVEL mode

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Chroma Crash! system requirements:SystemP-II 400MHz 128Mb DirectX3D graphics card DirectX7.0.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP.

Game modes: Chroma Crash! supports single modeSingle game mode .

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