“You take on the role of three brothers wandering through the magical land of Holm.”

Faery Tale Adventure

by New World Computing, Inc.

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Faery Tale Adventure also know as “FTA” – Official Abbreviation.

Once upon a time, there lived three brothers. Taught the skills of life at home by their father, the boys approached manhood happily until one bitter harvest changed their lives. First, the crops failed. Food became scarce and people started to starve. Then, mass migrations of ogres and goblins were reported. Finally, one cold, starless night, an eerie, inhuman scream woke the brothers from their fitful sleep. From the window they watched in terror as a huge hooded figure floated above an army of the undead.

For years, the village had been protected by the Talisman, which had a power that was stronger than anything undead. Confusion turned to terror when it was discovered that this Talisman was gone. Holm is thrown into a state of turmoil, overrun by ogres and goblins. With the death of their father, the brothers realized what needed to be done. They must find the talisman, and restore peace to the land. So the first brother set out upon his quest.

Now you have to save the land by battling against these creatures and getting to the source of the evil and removing it. Only if you manage to do this will the land return to the way it once was...

In Faery Tale Adventure you play as the brave warrior who will go and retrieve the missing talisman and face the Evil Necromancer. There are eight quests before you, each containing several mini-adventures that you must complete and figure out how they all fit together. Armed with only a sword, you'll face skeletons, wraiths, and various other monsters on your journey, but your bravery is one of the reasons you were picked for this quest.

Faery Tale Adventure is played from a top down perspective. You can move in four directions; up, down, left and right. Depending on how your physical stats compare to the monster you're facing you'll be able to beat them if you're strong enough.

If you're able to defeat the Evil Necromancer, Holm will return to normal.

Faery Tale Adventure features:

  • Eight different quests to complete
  • Defeat monsters to obtain items and weapons
  • Clues hidden everywhere
  • Defeat the Necromancer and retrieve the talisman

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Faery Tale Adventure system requirements:SystemP-200.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP.

Game modes: Faery Tale Adventure supports single modeSingle game mode .

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Faery Tale Adventure news:

2006-04-24 Faery Tale Adventure added.

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