“Gangsters 2 returns with the ultimate real time strategy gaming experience for the corrupt and criminally minded strategy enthusiast.”

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Gangsters 2 is a Strategy game.

Gangsters 2 returns with the ultimate real time strategy gaming experience for the corrupt and criminally minded strategy enthusiast.

Joey Bane has a score to settle... His home, Temperance, is no longer the same in the age of Prohibition, as mobs rule the streets... His father was gunned down by the mob while running some liquor for a rival faction. His uncle barely survived... As he researched the criminal underworld, he finds that the mobster who ordered the hit was merely tip of the iceberg... And vengeance is a dish best served cold...

Gangsters 2 returns with the ultimate real time strategy gaming experience for the corrupt and criminally minded strategy enthusiast. You take on the role of Joey Bane, a young hoodlum from the State of New Temperance, who seeks revenge following his father's murder. With your own brand of organised crime, crush rival mobs and assume control of their territory in your ruthless attempt to get to the man who was ultimately responsible for pulling the trigger. Spanning over 20 missions you must build cunning, loyal and tough crews to help you work your way up the 'Family Tree'.

Players again take the role of a prohibition era mob boss in this real-time strategy sequel to Hothouse Creations' Gangsters. Gangsters 2: Vendetta is designed to improve upon the original by enhancing the game interface and incorporating a more detailed, involving storyline, all while retaining the basic real-time combination of cunning strategy and ruthless tactics that appeal to fans of the series. More sophisticated character development, a night and day cycle, and numerous new buildings and abilities have been added as well. Players take the role of an up-and-coming crime lord who returns from the war to find that his father has been murdered by a rival gangster. Following the guidance of his mentoring uncle, the young boss strives to build an underworld empire that will empower him to take the revenge he so bitterly seeks.

Gangsters 2 takes you to a fantasy Prohibition-era America. To rise from the ranks of fledgling hoodlum to feared and respected made man, you must effectively run legitimate businesses during the day as a front for more creative enterprises at night. The gameplay is narrative driven, and features real-time action and strategy. You will have to use skills and cunning to build a team of mobsters, including specialists such as card sharks, hit men, arsonists, and safecrackers. You will receive in-game advice to assist in your advancement, plus a daily newspaper will keep you updated on the status of your empire, as well as those of your rivals. The campaign mode contains 20 episodes spanning 15 counties; alternately you can battle friends in the multiplayer mode.

Gangsters 2 is the sequel to the original Gangsters. Recruit specialists in explosives, guns, driving, assassinations, racketeering, extortion, and more as you fight off rival gangs, keep the money coming, and keep yourself alive...

Gangsters 2 Includes:

  • 24/7 Gameplay — Both day and night play an equally important role in your strategy and movement around the city. Open up brothels and hit bank vaults in the small hours whilst running legal businesses during the day
  • In-game Advice — The advisor is there to assist you as you move up the ranks from a fledgling hoodlum to a feared and respected made-man. Listen and learn!
  • Real-time Strategy — Move your units into action more effectively with devastating results, all with the click of a mouse button
  • Improved Game Feedback — A daily newspaper will give you the low-down on all aspects of your criminal empire as well as a whole host of other game play related information
  • Large Campaign Mode — Wreak havoc across the state of New Temperance and engage in battle through many diverse city maps or indulge in multi-player combat with friends
  • Specialist characters — A whole host of new characters are available for you to command; build up your team members experience points and take them onto bigger and better things by transporting them in the family tree

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Gangsters 2 system requirements:SystemP-II 266MHz 64MB DirectX8MB DirectX7.0.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP.

Game modes: Gangsters 2 supports single modeSingle game mode .

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2006-01-31 Gangsters 2 returns with the ultimate real time strategy.

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