“A popular series of Japanese arcade game conversions featuring the superdeformed warrior Wonderboy and his cute green-haired girlfriend as they undertake various quests, visit strange lands, and battle terrifying monsters.”

Monster World IV

by Westone

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This is a sequel to Wonder Boy 5: Monster World 3. Monster World IV is the final game in the series. The Monster World series began with Wonderboy in Monster Land, the sequel to the arcade platformer Wonderboy. Eventually, the series took on a life of it's own when Wonderboy IV: Monster World II was released on the Sega Master System.

The first thing that sets apart this game from the last three is the lack of a male protagonist, and hence the absence of “Wonderboy” from the game's title. Instead, the protagonist is a Wonderlady named Asha.

You control Asha, the green-haired girlfriend of Shion, the hero of the previous game. One day, Asha was standing on a cliff near her home village, and suddenly heard a mysterious voice calling for help. She decided to leave the village and to embark on an adventure to discover the identity of this mysterious person.

Monster World IV is essentially a platform game, with slight RPG/adventure elements (puzzles, treasure, equipment, etc.) Like the Wonderboys before her, Asha has to hack and slash her way across a more Arabic-flavored Monster World while picking up items and gold pieces. The usual bling can be spent on equipment and items. Asha can jump, run, attack or defend (by pressing the “down” button). She can also use items and equip weapons and armor, talk to people, and open treasure chests. Later in the game, she will also be able to use magic, and a little blue pet animal will assist and help her on her journey. The combat system is very similar to the classical Zelda style.

The life meter in Monster World IV differs from the previous three titles in that you now have two sets of hearts: red and blue. Red hearts are determined by the currently equipped armor: stronger armor means more hearts. Blue hearts, on the other hand, are increased by collecting “life drops.” Ten life drops increases the reserve of blue hearts. With a maximum of 15 hearts per type, that means there are a total of 150 life drops in the game.

The game features about six dungeons. Throughout the majority of the dungeons, Asha will receive assistance from a mascot/sidekick named Pepe. Pepe, a cat-like flying blob, helps out by assisting Asha with difficult jumps and by acting as a tool in solving important puzzles. He'll help her by covering gaps, blowing out torches, uncovering secrets, and activating switches. Nifty little guy. The game's combat is actually pretty easy-going. Asha doesn't suffer any damage from colliding with most of the enemies, which lowers the level of frustration normally experienced from combat in the Monster World series. Boss and mid-boss fights are of moderate difficulty, though they still require close observation of patterns as well as some quick reflexes.

Monster World IV is one of the best-looking games. Monster World IV game exhibits a variety of different environments, each pushing the envelope for graphics on the system. Settings like the fiery volcano temple, the icy pyramid with it's cold mist, and the water dungeon with it's watery effects will impress you as much as a 16-bit game possibly can. The sprites are also well drawn. They animate smoothly and sport lots of charm.

Monster World IV was released only in Japan. It is sometimes erronesouly called "Wonder Boy 6".

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Monster World IV system requirements:SystemP-100.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP.

Game modes: Monster World IV supports single modeSingle game mode .

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2006-05-09 Monster World IV is the final game in a popular series of Japanese arcade game.

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