“Isometric shooter based on the movie of the same name starring Danny Glover.”

Predator 2

by Perfect 10 Productions Limited/Arena

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Today is going to be different though, because unknown to you a Predator has picked your precinct as the perfect hunting ground in which to sharpen his skills.

Predator 2 is based on the 1990 movie starring Danny Glover, you play the role of Lieutenant Michael P. Harrigan as you investigate the strange murders in the city of Los Angeles. Adding to the difficulty is the ongoing war between Colombian and Jamaican gangs, not to mention reports of some peculiar creature hanging around the area...

Predator 2 is an angled overhead shooter consisting of seven levels. The first level has you blasting gang members while making your way through the urban streets trying to find nine hostages. After rescuing the downed officers, find the exit and you'll be taken to the rooftops to fight it out with armed helicopters and even more gang members. Rescue fourteen hostages and you'll be able to progress to the next level.

Subsequent levels all involve rescuing a certain number of hostages while fending off the repeated shots of rival gang members. You'll also have to deal with the invisible Predator, who will try to target you with its laser sights (resembling a red triangle). Keep moving to avoid it and you just might live long enough to see the next level!

The goal of Predator 2 is to eventually confront the creature(s) on board the alien ship. Yet in order to make it that far, you'll have to find the following equipment (Harrigan automatically carries a pistol with unlimited ammo): rifle, scatter gun, sawed-off shotgun, grenades, flak jackets (life meter increases to 100 percent) and first-aid kits (extra life and full health).

Before you are ready to confront an alien, you'll need to first acquire its weapons, including a spear, flying disk and net. As you might have guessed, ordinary guns or grenades cannot harm Predators. Three difficulty levels (normal, hard or easy) will determine how many lives you start with as well as the amount of damage you can take before dying.

A password system lets you continue your pursuit of the Predator aliens through seven hostage-filled stages.

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Predator 2 system requirements:SystemP-100.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP.

Game modes: Predator 2 supports single modeSingle game mode .

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2006-04-29 Predator 2 is based on the movie.

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