“You're Rambo, your worst nightmare, the original one-man army, out to infiltrate Soviet-occupied Afghanistan and rescue a kidnapped Colonel.”

Rambo 3

by SEGA Entertainment, Inc.

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Rambo 3 is a game based on a movie.

The thing with action movies is that you never look for more than an outline of a story. It's all about the action, and this game gets it down fairly well. Colonel Trautman is captured by the Commies, and Rambo must save him.

Levels, which include troop barracks, a prison camp and a Soviet base, scroll to the right as Soviet soldiers, helicopters and tanks attack. To survive for any length of time, players must be quick and accurate as they fire at enemies, which pop up behind obstacles or run across the screen. There's a special potion to replenish your health meter, and grenades are on hand (so to speak) to bail you out of difficult situations. The explosions and gunfire could use a shot of testosterone, but the graphics are as robust and colorful as the title hero.

Rambo 3 is a standard shoot'em up with a bird's eye view camera angle. Your standard and perhaps greatest weapon is your machine gun. Holding down fire will let lose an endless stream of bullets that Rambo will literally spray back and forth. Your secondary weapon can be switched between knife, a chargeable bow and arrow, and a timed explosive. You can pick up arrows and explosives by stabbing enemies with your knife, and use arrows and explosives to take out large enemies including jeeps and guard towers.

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Rambo 3 system requirements:SystemP-200.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP.

Game modes: Rambo 3 supports single modeSingle game mode .

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2006-04-19 Rambo 3 is based on the popular movie.

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