“You control Van Damme's character as he turns against his platoon and attempts to bring down the corrupt government organization that created him.”

Universal Soldier

by The Code Monkeys

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Luc Devreux should have died in Vietnam but his body has been preserved, while the government has taken over his mind.

Now, he has become the Universal Soldier. Unfortunately, Devreux is starting to remember everything the government has done to him and he wants to get even. You must guide him through four separate areas filled with action and enemies. Luckily, you're armed with a laser pistol, which can be upgraded into a laser whip or power line with the power-ups that are scattered around the various levels. Once you defeat the boss of a particular area, you receive a password that will let continue from that point. It's up to you to help Devreux come to grips with his past and who he is in Universal Soldier.

Universal Soldier features:

  • Features based on the film
  • Four separate areas to explore
  • Use laser pistol
  • Weapon can be upgraded
  • Password saves

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Universal Soldier for hire you are equipped with just a gun; and in your mind this gun is your tool to a total enemy ass whipping. The gun fires simple spread shots one by one, and if you search closely through levels you can use your down-to-earth gun to unravel mysterious rocks, that once shot on will unveil a plethora of upgrades for your gun. All the upgrades are somewhat different in both look and the way they are used. One of the upgrades, for example, has a lightning insignia on it and once acquired you can fire 3 spread shots, instead of just firing one. You even have an upgrade that turns you invincible for one minute, and in this period of time anything you touch will be destroyed upon impact; sort of like how if someone touched the gold from Midas, the person who touched it will be turned to emaciated, stony gold. The rest of the upgrades don’t need too much of a mention—one, once acquired will release a powerful blast that will destroy all the enemies on screen, while another has you firing a huge, arcane spread shot, while finally one has your health refilled; very powerful and much useful in this game.

Every level in this game takes place in different areas; areas that you will never see a Jean Claude Van Damme even dare of going to—this being as each one doesn’t deserve to even to be noticed, nor mentioned. Each area is designed as somewhat to be more challenging then the last, though they are all challenging if you think about it, and the design for each of them is pretty bad. The first level for example starts out in a forest-like level taking you against many of the enemies that come on-screen and after that you then advance to the next one; a bright area with waters that lead to underground caves, that continue to lead to underground caves, and so on and so forth. One part of a level even has you going on stones where wind blows just so you can go up the much higher ones.

Universal Soldier system requirements:SystemP-200.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP.

Game modes: Universal Soldier supports single modeSingle game mode .

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Universal Soldier news:

2006-01-24 Take control Van Damme's character in Universal Soldier.

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