“Chelnov (Atomic Runner) is a young scientist turned superhero thanks to his power armor, which he must use in an all-out struggle with an invading alien army that has managed to take him captive.”

Atomic Runner

by Data East Corporation

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Chelnov is a young scientist who once lived happily with his father and his sister. One day, while walking on the street, he heard a sound of a huge explosion. He rushed hime, only to find his father lying bleeding on the floor. Before he died, the father told Chelnov the explosion was caused by Deathtarians, a race of aliens who claimed to be the original population of the Earth and wanted to control this planet. They also kidnapped Chelnov's sister. Chelnov grabbed a special suit made by his father, which gave him super-human powers and made him an “Atomic Runner”. The Deathtarians caught and imprisoned him, but he broke out of the prison and is now on the run...

Atomic Runner is a side-scrolling platformer. You can't control the movements of your character completely: you can only jump and shoot. The screen moves constantly to the left, and the Atomic Runner is running automatically. You have to eliminate the enemies quickly and collect valuable items while they are still to the right of you. Once they are left behind, you can't go back and collect them. The large levels end with boss battles.

In Atomic Runner, the Earth is under attack by a strange race of aliens and their cybernetic slaves. It's up to you, as the Atomic Runner, to quell the threat and restore peace and harmony to the planet. You'll have all kinds of weapons at your disposal to exterminate the alien armada: electric ships, rapid-fire boomerangs, and pulse lasers. Through seven intense levels, you'll battle the extraterrestrial pests, traveling from the Mayan ruins to the underbelly of the planet. The amazing graphics and top-notch sound will make you forget you're just playing a game, but don't spend too much time admiring the scenery, or else the Earth will be in big trouble!

Atomic Runner features:

  • You're the Atomic Runner
  • The fate of the Earth is in your hands
  • Battle hordes of aliens
  • Utilize unique weapons
  • Awesome graphics and sound effects

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Atomic Runner game is difficult one single mistake and your dead. Your shooting range is limited and he can only fire in cetain spots. The weapon upgrades help a bunch as they cover more range and can kill more enemies at a time. This is a very difficult game with many problems.

The graphics in Atomic Runner are the high point. The graphics are nice looking and everything is detailed. The graphics are good looking and everything looks great. The game is very detailed and so are the enemies that look awesome but are very weird. The levels are really really long and are packed full of enemies on the ground and in the air. The bosses are really weird looking but are really detailed. The levels though are insanely hedge, which makes the game take forever if you can't beat them.

The sound and music are weird and not recognisable as any style of music very appropriate for this game. The music is consisting of a mix of 80's techno and rather dodgy rock. The boss music, however, is completely different, and very nice.

Atomic Runner system requirements:SystemP-200.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP.

Game modes: Atomic Runner supports single modeSingle game mode .

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Atomic Runner news:

2005-07-24 Atomic Runner is a side-scrolling platformer.

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