“Cannon Fodder is an odd, real-time strategy/action-based game from a top-down perspective, with a little humour added.”

Cannon Fodder

by Sensible Software

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War Has Never Been So Much Fun!

Cannon Fodder is a true amiga classic, fast-paced, friendly and humorous.

Colorful graphics, humorous style, lots of nice, tiny, cute animation and sound. Tons of character, lotsa weapons and gadgets and puzzle-like level design.

Guide a team of up to four soldiers through 72 levels of combat in this top-down action/strategy hybrid, best thought of as Lemmings crossed with Commando crossed with Dune 2.

Objectives and gameplay structure is simple: you are in control of a small band of soldiers which are controled either as a whole, or individually. Left click moves, right shoots with rifles, both activate special weapon (grenade/bazooka). Simply enough, the soldiers have plain objectives: destroy all buildings or more commonly go to place A from B, or kill all soldiers in the map. Simple and fast action. The correct resources must be used in the right place and time.

Cannon Fodder Includes:

  • A huge selection of hardware for maximum military mayhem: bazookas, grenades, jeeps, skidoos, tanks and helicopters.
  • 72 levels from deserts to icy wastes.

If you like maiming, killing and mindless violence, here's your chance to wipe out all 360 men in your own army, not to mention the enemy. War has never been so much fun!

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Cannon Fodder is a 2/3 top down shooter where you control a squadron of Grunts to shoot & blast your way through each mission, split into several phases. each with different objectives and parameters. Cannon Fodder is a game that required good vision, quick reflexes and a quicker brain. With the enemy innumerable, the terrain hostile & the natives in the line of fire it made for a game that was testing to say the least.

Cannon Fodder is a superb game that was a little on the tough side but excellent to play.

Cannon Fodder is hard to have to experience it, but I'll try anyway. You are in command of a squadron of 1 up to 8 men. Your objective is to guide these men through a variety of missions where reaction time and tactic is crucial if you want to accomblish them. For example a typical objective would be: “Kill all enemies, Destroy all enemy structures”. As you progress in game the objectives increase and get more complex. You often get to man various vehicles such as tanks, scooters etc. Cannon Fodder game is very extensive and there are tons of missions to complete. You often spend hours trying to complete a mission and loose countless of men doing so...let me tell you, Cannon Fodder isn't a game which can be completed over night. You sometimes have to think very creative in order to complete a mission, and in the last missions you are often faced with a countdown. Your missions extend in different envirorments such as, jungle, artic, urban, desert etc. The graphics are nice and clean, and you can clearly see it was originally developed for the amiga. The sound is average, but the sound when you kill a enemy gets very annoying after a while.

Cannon Fodder was a short run of war games developed by Sensible Software, a mix of both real-time strategy and action games. Only two games in the series were released, but spawned through most active systems at the time of the release. The series have a clear humourous line, and soldiers are seen as mere cannon fodder. The pre-mission screen shows a hill with a grave for each dead soldier, with recruits lining up in front of it. On top of the screen, a sports-like score appears. The tag line for the first game was “War has never been so much fun”, and the second (with a more sci-fi background) “War has only been this fun once before”.

In both games the player is in charge of an commando team from one to eights elements that can be broken up to three groups. All units have a machine gun with unlimited ammo, but grenades and rockets can be found on the location. The players' machine guns do not harm its units, but grenades and rockets do, and are the only capable of destroying a building (they may be shot while in the crate). Player units can also die if hit by debris caused by building explosions, hit man-traps, quicksand, and obviously, enemy fire. Units usually walk on foot, but several vehicles are available in some missions. The games are split in several campaigns, split by missions. Dead soldiers are replaced by “fresh meat” at the start of each new mission. Each soldier that survives a mission is promoted, but does not get more advantages than a new trooper.

Cannon Fodder system requirements:SystemPentium 300MMX or higher.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP.

Game modes: Cannon Fodder supports single modeSingle game mode .

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Cannon Fodder news:

2004-10-20 Cannon Fodder is a true amiga classic, fast-paced, friendly and humorous.
2005-09-28 Cannon Fodder description updated.

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