“Mega Bomberman is another in a long line of bomberman games featuring everyone's favourite white-helmeted pyromaniac.”

Mega Bomberman

by Hudson Soft

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A meteor hit the planet, breaking five coins and separating the planet into five different worlds: Jungle World, Water World, Snow World, Fire World, and (get ready for this), Haunted House World! Bomberman being the only one on the planet that can save the day for some reason, must find these coin chips and battle the bosses of each world to piece them back together again, so the world will be normal again.

On your quest you blow up many little bunnies, seahorses, and monkeys to clear the way for blowing up other things! The way that Bomberman games play is that you place bombs and get out of the way, simple but harder than it may seem at first. You see, enemies and other things littering the levels just move around at random, leaving you running from them, as well as your own bombs! In the normal game, you collect coin chips by destroying pedestals which shatter a glass orb holding the coin chip, then turning the blocks you didn't destroy into coins, which you collect for bonus points. After a few levels are cleared you battle the world's boss, the first of which is an evil Franken-Banana controlled by a monkey professor. These boss battle range in difficulty from child's play to frustratingly hard. I forgot to mention the one hit kills (there is a power up that will give you a little protection), but It's just WAAAY to easy to die.

The graphics in Mega Bomberman like most early Bomberman games. You got the overhead view, with a maze filled with Bomberman characters and blocks. Instead of just getting plain old Bomberman here, you can choose from many different types of Bombermen to play as such Police Officer Bomberman, Medic Bomberman, and some other crazy ones too. They all look great and are a lot easier to tell apart too, so you don't get mixed up in the heat of battle. The mazes look great too, all with a great deal of variety.

Most of the sound effects are rather simple, but fit the game well, such as the exploding bombs, and the weird sound that lets you know that you're dead.

Mega Bomberman features:

  • One-to-four players
  • Explosive Bomberman action
  • Play the Normal or Battle mode
  • Find bombs and blow your friends away

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One of the most popular, and explosive, videogame characters makes his way to the Sega Genesis in the form of Mega Bomberman. You can either play by yourself or with up to three friends by using Sega's Team Player. In the single-player game, you've got to work your way through a series of mazes, dropping bombs on enemies as you go, and trying to reach the end within the time limit. If you opt for the Battle mode, you and your friends will engage in a dynamite-induced state of explosive action, as you try to be the last man standing. Get ready to have a blast as you try to blow your friends, and enemies, into oblivion with Mega Bomberman.

Mega Bomberman system requirements:SystemP-200.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP.

Game modes: Mega Bomberman supports single modeSingle game mode .

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Mega Bomberman news:

2005-07-10 Mega Bomberman is a bomberman game.

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