“Virtual Bart, a collection of several differently themed arcade minigames that depict the daydream fantasies of Bart Simpson – riding a motorcycle, throwing tomatoes at his classmates, living as a dinosaur, seeking ancient treasure, etc.”

Simpsons: The Virtual Bart

by Acclaim

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Simpsons: The Virtual Bart, a game based on the t.v show, The Simpsons. You take on the persona of comical Bart Simpson, who is on his way through the school science fair when he comes upon a virtual reality exhibit. It needs a volunteer so Bart, without any reluctance, goes up and straps into the virtual wheel. Here's where you come in. You must control Bart through several different levels that take place in a warped, Simpsons world. Levels like a giant waterslide that is about 5 miles long and filled with obstacles. There is also a level with Bart as a baby and he must use the trees and telephone wires to swing on. There aren't too many options you can configure, but a few such as sound and difficulty.

There are 6 levels and a bonus lose or get a life. (That means it is a random stage if you get skulls you lose a life, get a corndog take you gain a life). Not much of a story you mainly make it up. The 6 levels are Bart the pig, Bart the dinosaur, Bart the egger, Bart the biker, baby Bart, and Bart's swimming.

The biker level is the hardest and also the level that you will have the most fun on. In each level it shows a different style of gaming from racing to side scrollers to action from shooting. Also once you advance in a level it gets insanely hard. Don't think just that its an old game its easy. Each level has 4 or more parts that are insanely hard. Only the Egg/Tomato level is easy.

Simpsons: The Virtual Bart features:

  • Six game modes to play
  • Can practice before you play the actual game
  • Graphics are decent and look cartoony

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The visual aspects of the game are well done. The characters and the levels they live in are very vibrant and colorful. The detail is also fairly good and is reminiscent of other Simpson's games, such as Bart's Nightmare. Animation is fairly fluent and some levels in particular use good scrolling and sliding techniques, like the waterslide or photo day levels.

The sound in the Simpsons: The Virtual Bart game is also very well done. Music is consistently good and fills the purpose that it is meant for. The voice samples and sound effects are also right up to par. They really seem to add to the overall feel and atmosphere of the game, plus lend themselves to certain levels perfectly.

Simpsons: The Virtual Bart system requirements:SystemP-200.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP.

Game modes: Simpsons: The Virtual Bart supports single modeSingle game mode .

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