“As a bounty hunter in the Wild West, you and your compadres shoot up the outlaws: everyone from Simon Greedwell to Sir Richard Rose.”

Sunset Riders

by Konami

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The Wild West...full of the criminal element. Sir Richard Rose, the most despicable face in the criminal lot, has enough power to control the mining facilities, cattle ranches, and trading communities and turn everything to his favor. With that much power, he could literally buy himself the Wild West and control everything!

The people need help, desperately. And just as things were looking grim, who should ride into town but 4 men who have made a pact: to put down Sir Richard Rose and make the Wild West a free and peaceful place to live.

Steve, Bob, Billy, and Cormano are the Sunset Riders, and they're about to live out the wildest shootout the Wild West has ever seen...

The graphics are detailed, colorful, and vibrant. It looks just like the arcade game, and it's just as fun. A nice variety of stages let you fight in town, on a train, and several other western scenerios. Power-ups let you upgrade your pistol to a sawed-off shotgun. I love how the bad guys fall out of windows when you shoot them. The levels aren't that long, but there are several cool bonus stages. This is a solid two player shoot-em-up.

The sound is decent. You and your opponents groan when shot, the cattle rumble when they run, there's a grainy whoosh for waterfalls, etc... And of course there's the constant bark of guns. The tracks really capture that Mexican/wild west sound.

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Unlike most other games in the genre, you aren't fighting an alien invasion or battling a supernatural force. You aren't defending a planet from a ghastly evil or trying to take down a biomechanical monster. You''re killing indians and bandits.

As the fastest gun in the West, youre held in high regard by the Dodge City Undertakers Union. But in Sunset Riders, your marksmanship is about to be put to the test by some of the most ruthless outlaws youve ever seen. Youll have to make your way through seven intense levels of shootouts, holdups, and showdowns as you seek to defend your title as the fastest draw in the land. Tracking down stagecoach bandits, catching up with train robbers, and hunting down the infamous Hank Hatfield are on the menu, and the lead will be flying non-stop. Along the way, look for power-ups and special weapons that will give you the advantage making your job easier. If you think youre quick on the draw, then you owe it to yourself to get Sunset Riders.

The levels in Sunset Riders are nicely varied. You start out in your typical gold mining town, then you get to blast it up on a train, next comes Indian territory, and last is a Spanish villa in the middle of a forest. Most of it is just plain blasting and destroying, but every once in a while you get something more interesting to do, like jump on the backs of cattle, hop around on rope lifts, and shoot down cement walls. The enemies you encounter come in three types: crazy mexicans, bandits, and indians. There are some deviations from that, but the majority of cannon fodder you'll come across fits into one of those categories.

Sunset Riders system requirements:SystemP-200.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP.

Game modes: Sunset Riders supports single modeSingle game mode .

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2005-07-12 Steve, Bob, Billy, and Cormano are the Sunset Riders.

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