“The Terminator 2: Arcade game is one of the all time favorites.”

Terminator 2: Arcade Game

by Probe Software

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A conversion of the arcade game. The T2: Arcade game is a fun gun game based on the film Terminator 2. One or two players can play at the same time shooting the Terminators and various other bad guys culminating in the virtually indestructible T-2000 himself.

If you followed the movie truthfully and want to get into the game then you should have no trouble and confusion for the game follows Terminator 2 the movie pretty well. For all you newbies who want to get into the game, to make it as easy as possible, you play as a Terminator. You are from the future captured and reprogrammed by the human resistence group. You must get to and save John Connor first before the T-1000 does. While doing this the safety and well being of mankind lies in your hands. You are mankinds last hope for survival!

The exoskeletons, robots, and other dangerous machines that litter the screen are detailed and nicely drawn. As they advance toward you, filling up more and more of the play field, they move smoothly and with movie-like realism. The characters, such as the T-1000 and your human allies, look great as well. The graphics may be too dark for some people's tastes, but they fit the mood of the game.

Though mostly overshadowed by constant machine gun fire, the bass guitar-heavy music that underscores the action sounds pretty good. It helps fill this scarily brutal game with a sense of impending doom.The weapons sound realistic, and the pulse-like music is mood-enhancing.

Terminator 2 Arcade game is also known as T2-Arcade, T2-Arcade game.

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You are put in the eyes of the Terminator. You use a little circle target to take out your enemies who want to bring you down. The game flows well with this system of targeting and never gets confusing or frustrating, but fun and exciting. Keep this in mind though, all the challenge from the arcade version never left. You WILL find yourself at some challenging points but hey, it just adds to the fun. There is also a 2 played cooperative mode to lighten the load and make it that much more fun. This game is as good as gold and one of the best shooters in my opinion. The 2 played cooperative gameplay is amazing. There are loads of weapon pick-ups and goodies as well playing alone or with a friend. Very enjoyable.

Terminator 2: Arcade is very hard game! It is nearly impossible to pass the third level unless you have a level skip code. Some games are hard, like Contra and Ghouls n’ Ghosts, but they can be beat and aren’t repetitive! This, on the other hand is all too repetitive for most gamers to enjoy.

I would be proud of anyone who beats this challenging game but you have a ways to go when you start out. I put emphasis on the word challenging. This is a game that should never get old with you, it draws you in from beginning to end. The replay value is high due to the intense arcade like action and 2 played co-op.

Terminator 2: The Arcade Game is an arcade shooter based on the gun-toting blockbuster movie. It fared as a pretty good shooter at the arcades and was everywhere. Then, the developers decided to release the game for home consoles and the game turned out to be pretty much on the average side of shooters.

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Terminator 2: Arcade Game system requirements:SystemP-200.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP.

Game modes: Terminator 2: Arcade Game supports single modeSingle game mode .

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