“Hook is an adventure game based on the Steven Spielberg movie. You play the grown-up Peter Pan (Banning) whose kids were kidnapped by Hook.”


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Based on the hit movie of the same name, Hook is a challenging and swashbuckling adventure that will bring you face to face with the most infamous pirate of them all, Captain Hook. You play the role of Peter Banning, a modest man with a secret past. After Captain Hook kidnaps your children, you revert to your childhood alter ego, Peter Pan, and embark the most important journey of you life. As you make your way through forests, caves, caverns, towns, lagoons, icy regions, and the Nevertree, you'll have to deal with Hook's minions, who have been ordered to stop you at any cost. Along the way, you can collect magical items like apples, leaves, and pixie dust that will give you super powers and help you find your children. Once you do find Captain Hook, it will be a battle for the ages, but you're Peter Pan!

Early in the game you must duel your old rival Rufio in order to retrieve the Golden Sword, a powerful weapon that can shoot star balls. After you get the sword, you will lose it every time you get hit, but it will pop up again and again throughout the game. Your standard weapon when you don't have the sword is a simple dagger.

Hook's eleven levels of play will take you to forests, mountains, icy regions, a pirate ship and other locations on and around Neverland. To make your journey less hazardous, you can pick items (such as apples, cherries and leaves) that boost your energy and enable you to take more hits. You can earn extra points by finding hidden tiaras, rings, necklaces and crowns. To refill your Fly Meter you must find Tinkerbell and stand underneath her Pixie Dust rain. Once powdered, you'll be able to fly again.

The visuals in Hook are nice. The rolling rocks, swarms of bees and other obstacles are convincingly animated. The entire game takes place in Neverland, but the levels are filled with a wide variety of colors and scenery and lots of background detail. The leaves and mountains and such are textured nicely. The overall look of the game is full and colorful.

Hook features:

  • Based on the hit movie.
  • You play as Peter Pan.
  • All kinds of environments to explore.
  • Battle Hook's minions along the way.
  • Use magical items for special powers.
  • Go face to face with Hook in order to rescue your children.

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Vowing to return his children to safety, Peter Banning went to Neverland and once again assumed the role of Peter Pan. You must guide him through many hazards (such as pointy treetops and swarming bees) as he battles arrow-shooting pirates, balloon pirates, ugly sea dogs, poisonous snakes, magic tigers and other dangerous foes.

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Hook system requirements:SystemP-200.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP.

Game modes: Hook supports single modeSingle game mode .

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Hook news:

2006-01-24 Hook is an adventure game based on the Steven Spielberg movie.

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