“You are a biker who takes part in a series of illegal races across the U.S.A.”

Road Rash

by Electronic Arts

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The best way to judge any racing game is this: what does it look like when you crash? Electronic Arts' Road Rash features the most spectacular bike crashes in any video game ever!

The control is the same as in the Genesis version of Road Rash. Racing down the tracks is a blast, but the most fun can be had by kicking some butt on the road! You can actually take a swing at your opponents and beat them with your bare fists, which usually makes them skid off the road and fall off their bikes. Needless violence and racing sure make a fun combination. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing another biker take a dangerous spill because you beat hell out of him with a chain.

Obstacles like pedestrians make funny remarks as you mercilessly mow them down.

Other highlights include:

  • Cool in-between screens with some wild caricatures.
  • The biker patrons at the Der Panzer Klub.
  • Hot music videos and the "restroom" load/save screen which has hilarious visuals featuring some embarrassing bathroom antics.

The full-motion video in-betweens add to the mood of the game and actually made me laugh out loud. Most FMV crap is as useless as it is non-interactive, but Road Rash features a hot blonde who will reward you if you win and kick you in the groin if you lose - and not the same way every time. I like it!

One major flaw is the button combination - punching a cop with the C button while holding the B button for constant acceleration is torture.

Also, by the tenth bloodless crash you'd think I'd be limping to my bike. Nope - just a quick trot and I'm back in the race. There should be a penalty for crashing too often, like hospital bills or the loss of vital organs - just like in real life!

By far the best thing about Road Rash is the ability to race with a cold drink one hand and a 3DO controller in the other. I'd never try this in real life - but now I can!


Smooth scaling along with realistic landscapes and cityscapes make bumpy rides a blast. The full-motion video footage used throughout the game is also surprisingly sharp and colorful.


The crashes will make you cringe. Hot bands gene the soundtrack: Sound-garden, Paw, Therapy?, Swerpedriver, Monster Magnet and Hammerbox. There's even an option to turn off the engine noise if it gets too annoying.


It would be nice to have a set of handle bars, but a controller does nicely. Why is there no controller configuration option?


As the owner of a 1972 Triumph Daytona 500, I would really like lo race bikes. But I also want to live! Road Rash makes it possible for a maniac like myself to ride a motorcycle recklessly and survive in one piece. The hottest game now available is Road Rash!

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Road Rash system requirements:SystemP-200.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP.

Game modes: Road Rash supports single modeSingle game mode .

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2006-04-19 Road Rash is a rousingly good combat racing motorcycle game.

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