“Send your plastic soldiers to war in this military sequel.”

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Army Men II is a Action game.

Send your plastic soldiers to war in this military sequel.

Continue the saga of the plastic soldiers in Army Men 2. The four factions – Green, Tan, Blue, and Gray – are still at war. There isn't a dominating army, but that's quickly changing. There are many powers at work in this strategic game. Magical portals into other worlds cloud the boundaries between what is real and what is plastic.

In Army Men 2, you command Sarge, a hard-nosed soldier who can not only handle every weapon known to man but also drive any manner of military vehicle (including PT Boats). You view the action from a top-down perspective and guide Sarge using the keyboard and/or the mouse. You can also order specific units or groups of units to attack, defend, hold position, or rally around you. Improved features to Army Men 2 include new weapons, including the super-cool magnifying glass, an M80, and an aerosol can that can be used with lighters to do lots of wonderful damage. Sarge also gets to tote around a sniper rifle, which is perhaps the best weapon in the game.

You assume the role of Sarge, leader of the Green forces, in a continued struggle against the Tans, your sworn enemy. Through a series of missions, you lead Sarge, and any other soldiers he might have with him or find along the way, through a series of maps and missions to eradicate the Tans. Sarge always carries his trusty rifle but can obtain other weapons by finding power-ups. These power-ups give him the ability to use up to five additional weapons or items, and are assigned to one of the remaining slots in his inventory.

Each item has a number that denotes the uses you have left, meaning a “6” in your grenade slot indicates you have six grenades left before that item disappears from your inventory. Items or weapons can be dropped to make room for others, and when you drop them, they become power-ups you can pick up later. Unlike the original game, power-ups are additive, so if you have a bazooka, you can run over a bazooka power-up to gain more ammo. There are also a number of new power-ups available.

Sarge might begin a map alone or with several soldiers, and he can find soldiers along the way to help him. Each has only one weapon type, such as a grenade or rifle, and they can't take advantage of power-ups on the map. You can maneuver these men individually or as a group, or simply order them to rally and follow Sarge. In addition, they can be made to attack or defend specific locations, or hold their position. As they become more experienced through combat, they become increasinly effective and earn stars to show their level of experience. Troops with more stars have higher hit point levels and are more accurate with their weapons than inexperienced troops.

When you begin a map, you'll have access to an overview that shows key locations and gives a few pointers on how to be successful. Maps are usually broken into more than one mission. So initially, you may simply be ordered to find a location or person, but then you'll be given a secondary mission that includes going somewhere else or pursuing another objective. Occasionally, Sarge or one of his men may need to use a vehicle in order to complete an objective. PT boats, tanks, jeeps, half-tracks and cargo trucks make appearances throughout the campaign, with the PT boat being the biggest addition to the game because it introduces crossing water to the action.

Also, Army Men 2 can be played online with support for 1–4 people in the time-honored Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, and King of the Hill modes.

Army Men II Includes:

  • Toy warfare that features green and tan plastic soldiers.
  • Miniaturized battlegrounds set around household environments: kitchen, front yard, and garage.
  • Weapons include bazookas, mortar launchers, and flamethrowers.
  • Operate such vehicles as tanks and jeeps.

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Army Men II, the sequel to the best-selling title Army Men, takes plastic toy solider warfare into the kitchen, bedroom, front yard, and garage. With cool new environments, crazy new weapons, and a new point and click interface, Army Men II is smarter, tougher, bigger and damn proud of it.

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Army Men II system requirements:SystemProcessor: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM DirectXSVGA Video Card 1MB DirectXDirectx 6.0.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP.

Game modes: Army Men II supports single modeSingle game mode .

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