“This game proves that little green men do exist in outer space.”

Army Men 3 Toys in Space

by 3DO

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Army Men 3 Toys in Space is a Action game.

This game proves that little green men do exist in outer space.

A mob of alien toys has invaded Earth. They've enlisted the Tan Army to help them conquer the galaxy. All hope rests with one man, a green, plastic soldier known as 'Sarge.' Tina Tomorrow and her battalion of Space Troopers are joining forces with the Green Army. They freeze, zap, vaporize, and blast their way into outer space in hopes of destroying the diabolical alliance, all in the name of good.

In the latest installment of the popular Army Men series, Sarge, the heroic Green defender of freedom, must confront a bewildering variety of new enemies as Plastro enlists the aid of the deadly Bug-Eyed Aliens. Sarge must now combat both his old Tan nemesis and the new plastic alien menace. During the battle of the front yard, Sarge meets the leader of the heroic Space Troopers, who forms an alliance with the Green Army. With a powerful new class of toys at his side, Sarge just might have a chance to rid the world of evil.

Jumping into the game is familiar territory for those who've played the previous incarnations: You control green plastic army men most would remember fondly from childhood. The world around you is sized as it would be if you were a toy? giant soda cans and toilets are your obstacles; tan army men, ants, and toy-sized aliens are your enemies.

This time, Gen. Plastro, leader of the tan forces from previous games is still bent on universal domination, and now he's enlisted none other than an army of bug-eyed aliens to help his plan come to fruition. Luckily, as the game progresses, you'll team up with Tina Tomorrow and her space troopers, putting some space freaks on your side, too.

Most of the time, you are Sarge, leader of the green forces. As you progress through the maps, you pick up various weapons, from bazookas, to grenades, to flamethrowers, and can enter vehicles like tanks, jeeps and trucks. You'll also find other green forces to help you along, and can split them into units as you see fit. Clever touches are sprinkled throughout, too? players will be able use everyday objects that become killer weapons for a batch of toys. Bring out the giant magnifying glass to fry your enemies; flap the fly swatter down to teach those ants a lesson; or drop a baseball on the unsuspecting heads of an alien horde. Of course, the tan solider (and alien) enemies are similarly equipped and very deadly: almost impossible to kill at times without ridiculously superior firepower? and a new control scheme.

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Army Men 3 Toys in Space features:

  • Classic characters
  • New foes
  • Awesome weaponry
  • Cool graphics
  • Multiplayer action

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Sarge returns to lead his venerable army of plastic Green troops in this installment of the epic Army Men series. This time out, Sarge comes up against a whole host of enemies. It seems that the evil Tan leader, Plasto, has commissioned the Big-Eyed Aliens to take care of the Greens once and for all! Fighting both Tan troops and these brutal extra-terrestrials, Sarge and company enlist the help of the Space Troopers, resulting in a free-for-all battle like nothing ever experienced. Series fans and newcomers alike should appreciate the extreme action of Army Men 3 Toys in Space.

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Army Men 3 Toys in Space system requirements:SystemPentium 90 MHz (Pentium 133 MHz recommended), 16 MB RAM DirectX1MB SVGA DirectXDirectX 6.0.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP.

Game modes: Army Men 3 Toys in Space supports single modeSingle game mode .

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