“The comic book that The Tick is based on is a funny, refreshing, irreverent, silly and likable parody of the mainstream super hero comics.”

The Tick

by Software Creations Ltd.

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There's a new superhero in town, and he's a seven-foot tall, 400-pound arachnid! Join the tongue-in-cheek action, as you guide the unlikely hero through colorful levels of high-stress action. Based on the hit cartoon series of the same name, The Tick pits you against some rather unusual enemies--ninjas, hoods, and clowns--who all seem to have it in for you in this extensive tale of crime fighting. You do have some extremely rare combat techniques, but then…you're not exactly the most common savior. Back-to-back fighting lets you control two characters at the same time, while detailed characters give the title the look and feel of real arcade game. Do you have what it takes to save the world? Let's hope so.

The Tick features:

  • A 400-pound arachnid
  • Tough enemies
  • Back-to-back fighting
  • Tongue-in-cheek action
  • Cool graphics

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Get ready to put your blue skin-tight tights on. Ninjas need beating-up, bosses need clobbering! This game is not so much a platform game as it is a fighting game (think Streets of Rage). You run around the levels avoiding sharp flying objects and fighting any enemies that get in your way, including the numerous bosses. If you’re in a tight spot you can call Arthur to help defeat any enemies’ that are on-screen. The game is presented in a normal 2D platformer view when you're just jumping from building to building, but changes to a semi-isometric view when you start fighting. You'll probably like it if you like Streets of Rage.

As The Tick, you fumble and fight your clumsy way through 44 levels (set up as 16 chapters of a story) of Ninja mayhem in this side-scrolling platform punch-and-kick fest. Along with beating up Ninjas, you will also face enemy bosses, clowns and an assortment of villains Dick Tracy would envy, with names like Shirtless, Chairface Chippendale, Deadly Nose, Eyebrows Mulligan and The Forehead.

Along the way, you1l receive help from your sidekick Arthur, the Ninja-hating moth, and an assortment super pals such as Paul the Samurai, and honorable warrior from Japan, Oedipus, the heroic hostage, and the American Maid, a fancily dressed superheroine

A lot of comedic sprites are put in, for the quick laugh or two. Jump over a building like a ballerina, or wobble over a telephone wire. They do a good job of leaving the essence of the television series with the game. It brings back great memories. The sound, carries a lot of the original music from the show. There is not that many different sound effects or background music. But you hardly notice due to you’ll be so much into the game to care.

The Tick system requirements:SystemP-200.

Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP.

Game modes: The Tick supports single modeSingle game mode .

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The Tick news:

2006-01-24 The Tick is based on is a funny, refreshing, irreverent, silly and likable parody of the mainstream super hero comics.

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