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  • Midnight Resistance

    Freeware game by Data East Corporation

    You are a lone soldier duking it out with an army of enemies.

    Editor-in-chief says: Midnight Resistance is a run and gun arcade game which is controlled by using a 3D joystick to allow the player to aim in any other way than the one in which the character was moving. This was quite unique and innovative for 1990 and made the experience of playing this game very fun and enjoyable. The player takes control of a military commando that needs to rescue a kidnapped family. The game features multi-directional shooting, fast-paced oriented gameplay, the possibility to upgrade weapons and also bosses for all the levels.
  • Mega Lo Mania

    Freeware game by Sensible Software Ltd./Virgin Games

    As new planets are born competition for their control between the Gods is fierce. These Gods do battle by playing the ancient game, Mega Lo Mania.

    Editor-in-chief says: This is a real-time strategy video game developed in early 90s for several platforms, including the Amiga, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and DOS. The game's plot centers around a new planet taking form somewhere in the universe. The planet has a bright future because it is populated with very intelligent creatures, but needs a God to protect and look over it. Everybody wants to rule this planet, so the objective of the game is to conquer the available 28 islands. The player takes control of one of the four Gods, Scarlet, Oberon, Madcap or Caesar.
  • Ninja Gaiden

    Freeware game by Tecmo, Ltd.

    In Ninja Gaiden, you play Ryu, a powerful ninja whose father has been killed.

    Editor-in-chief says: Ninja Gaiden is a video game featuring Ryu Hayabusa as the playable character. Ryu is a ninja traveling through various US places in order to defeat several descendants of Nostradamus, who were evil and had awful plans for the Earth. Ninja Gaiden is acknowledged as a very difficult game and though it brings the player very close to frustration, it was really popular; therefore the game was also released on various platforms and scored good feedback on all the website on the internet.
  • Phantasy Star IV

    Freeware game by SEGA Entertainment, Inc.

    Put an end to the evil forces attacking humanity once and for all in this final installment of the epic Phantasy Star saga.

    Editor-in-chief says: Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium is a role-playing game released for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in the early 90s and it comes as a follow-up to Phantasy Star III. The game continues the story of the Algol Star System, which is also featured in the previous releases. Many gameplay elements from the previous installments are kept in Phantasy Star IV. There are turn-system battles, magic spells and overhead explorations: all of the are available in this release. The game is acknowledged as one of the best RPGs ever to be released and is the last one featuring the Algol Star System.
  • Phantasy Star 3 - Generations of Doom

    Freeware game by SEGA Entertainment, Inc.

    Phantasy Star 3: Generations of Doom is second game takes us back to a medieval setting.

  • Phantasy Star 2

    Freeware game by SEGA Entertainment, Inc.

    Phantasy Star 2 is the sequel to the Master System classic Phantasy Star.

  • Pac-Attack

    Freeware game by Namco Ltd.

    Combining two of the greatest videogames of all time, Pac-Attack is one-part Pac-Man, one-part Tetris.

  • Ottifants

    Freeware game by Graftgold

    Platform game based on the popular European animated comedy series.

  • Operation Europe-Path to Victory 1939-1945

    Freeware game by KOEI Co., Ltd.

    The game is an historical simulation on the European an North Africa battles of WWII.

  • Ooze

    Freeware game by SEGA Entertainment, Inc.

    The story goes that you are a scientist with an experiment that went wrong resulting in you turning into a puddle of green ooze.

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