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  • Resq

    Freeware game by Tempest Software

    Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to undertake a perilous rescue mission to the Adrianne star system.

  • Predator 2

    Predator 2

    Isometric shooter based on the movie of the same name starring Danny Glover.

    Editor-in-chief says: Alien versus Predator 2 is an SF shooter game which was quite popular at the time of the release. The installment was released in 2001 and allows the player to choose from three playable characters: an alien, a predator and a human colonial marine. Not only each characters has its own set of skills and weaknesses, they also have different objectives to achieve, so the game has actually three different parts. When controlling the predator, the player uses some moves and weapons from the movie, which was quite popular too.
  • Pit Fighter

    Freeware game by Sterling Silver Software

    Pit-Fighter is a 3rd-person fight game that features digitized graphics of real fighters and zooming effects.

    Editor-in-chief says: Pit Fighter is a fighting arcade game released in 1990 for many platforms, including the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, DOS and Amiga among many others. The graphic elements were created by using a blue screen, like in the movies, which was quite new at that time. The moves of the characters in the game were actually performed by real actors hired to do them in front of a video camera. The moves were afterwards introduced in the game using the above-mentioned technology. Buzz, Ty and Kato are the three playable characters, while the game also features eight unplayable characters.
  • Nightmare Circus

    Freeware game by Funcom

    You get to investigate some mysterious goings on at the big top in this mildy horror-themed arcade-style game.

    Editor-in-chief says: This is a video game released for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis platform in 1996 and was always considered an answer from Sega to Donkey Kong Country, developed by Nintendo. The game was developed but was not released anymore, however the game can still be found in Brazil where it was released by another company, called Tec Toy. In North America the game was available through Sega Channel eventually, few years after the original release date. Controlling the game was a bit difficult and therefore the game was not very popular, but it is still a classic to remember.
  • NHL 95

    Freeware game by High Score Productions/EA Sports

    Become a hockey star with NHL 95.

  • NBA Action 95

    Freeware game by Double Diamond Sports

    Break out the high-tops and get ready for the intense action of the NBA with NBA Action 95 Starring David Robinson.

  • Muhammed Ali Heavyweight Boxing

    Freeware game by Park Place Production Team

    Relive the career of celebrated heavyweight boxer Cassius Clay, better known as Muhammed Ali.

  • Monster World IV

    Freeware game by Westone

    A popular series of Japanese arcade game conversions featuring the superdeformed warrior Wonderboy and his cute green-haired girlfriend as they undertake various quests, visit strange lands, and battle terrifying monsters.

  • Monopoly

    Freeware game by Sculptured Software, Inc.

    This time, a Monopoly game on your computer, as good as it knows to be in your reality.

  • Mig-29 Fulcrum

    Freeware game by Domark Software, Ltd

    Try your skills with Russia's top dog fighting aircraft!

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