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  • Barbie Super Model

    Freeware game by Hi-Tech Expressions

    Help Barbie become a great fashion model!

    Editor-in-chief says: Barbie Super Model is a video game that allows the player to control Barbie. The game can be played in single-mode or multiplayer-mode, with up to two players. The game is composed of very simple acrade-style elements, and is based on levels. The players must navigate horizontally from left to right and avoi all possible obstacles and hazards. The game was released for various platforms, such as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. The gameplay was simple, with each level having a different theme.
  • Columns

    Freeware game by SEGA Entertainment, Inc.

    Arrange the falling jewels to form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal group of three of the same color.

    Editor-in-chief says: Columns is a video game similar to Tetris taking place inside a tall, rectanglar playing area. There are three different symbols which appear one at a time. The symbols fall from top to bottom and the player can move them to the left or to the right, and also cycle through their forms. The symbols disappear when three of the same kind are in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal straight line. If this makes three or more other symbols get in the same position, they disappear as well. The game is not different at all to Tetris and becomes addictive after a short period of time.
  • Chuck Rock

    Freeware game by Core Design Ltd

    Unga-bunga! It's a jungle out there, and our good friend Chuck Rock has more than his share of daily troubles.

    Editor-in-chief says: Chuck Rock is a very popular side-scrolling platformer spread all over the world on various platforms, including the Amiga, the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The story happens in a fantasy world where saber-tooth tigers, neandethals, dinosaurs and wooly mamooths co-exist. The player will be able to notice the very fun and popular setting from The Flinstones in Chuck Rock. The graphic elements are very good, colors are bright and the gameplay has been acknowledged as being worthy trying.
  • Chakan - The Forever Man

    Freeware game by Extended Play Productions

    Chakan is a action platform game in which you control a dead guy (Chakan has lost his soul) through many levels of hack and slash platforming.

  • Bubsy

    Freeware game by Accolade, Inc.

    Takes control of Bubsy and finish each level and defeat the bosses!

  • Bubba N Stix

    Freeware game by Core Design Ltd

    Take control of Bubba as he wields Stix as a weapon and tries to find a way back home.

  • Boogerman

    Freeware game by Interplay Entertainment Corp.

    If you're sick and tired of all the blood-and-guts violence of most action games these days, then stick your nose into Boogerman.

  • Bonkers

    Freeware game by SEGA Entertainment, Inc.

    Bonkers ia arcade game based on the syndicated Disney televison series about a police mascot who has his own unique talents for solving crimes.

  • Blood Shot

    Freeware game by Domark Software, Ltd

    Blood Shot is a 3D first-person shooter.

  • Block Out

    Freeware game by Electronic Arts

    A 3D Tetris clone, but this time you spin your playing pieces about all three axes as you use them to fill up a deep well.

    Editor-in-chief says: Blackout is an old puzzle game which started from Poland and spread very fast around the world. The game looks like Tetris, and is actually an extension of the more-popular game, but this time the "action" happens in a 3D setting. The player has to manipulate the falling tetrominoes and solve a packing problem by forming complete rows. Sounds easy? Well, it's not. Tetris was not easy either, but Tetris in 3D is even more difficult. Black Out was acknowledged for its high level of difficulty and innovativity.
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